'Proposed Legislation'

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'Proposed Legislation'

Post by CentralTree on Thu May 21, 2015 10:26 pm

Hey! During the leadership meeting, I was talking about some 'proposed legislation' that I wrote.
Well, here it is :

1. sectionals every four weeks minimum
2. leader meetings every two weeks
3. section activity checklist
4. checklist of others' responsibilities *camera ppl, section leaders, etc*
5. organize item sets for each section and days for creating sets - zia baggies
6. create a system of fundraising to allow the organization to obtain money for events
7. remind 101 for section leaders
8. leader meeting, attendance a grade
9. propose grades for each section, attendance to sectional is a grade
10. propose attendance for warmups - assures warmup, sets a meeting time, helps with attendance
    - sets up a schedule/ routine to follow (makes it easier to push through the season)
11. grades for attendance to warmups (be VERY flexible and realize exceptions to attendance)
    - promotes conversation between section members and the leaders
    - provides motive for staying in the schedule
    - punishment for not adhering to schedule
12. 1 on 1 time with section leaders and section members
    - private lessons (plan out schedule BEFORE conducting the lessons - warmup, main content, extra help)
    - promotes individual playing improvement
    - provides excersizes for individual improvement && encourages playing
    - teach things to section that moreman and silva wont teach them
         . 12 major scales
         . etc.
13. provide information sheet for FUTURE leaders to ensure ideas and tradition is kept
14. COMMUNICATION! facebook for leaders and sections
    - communication between leaders: share ideas and provides open forum for support and advice
    - communicaiton INSIDE section: social aspect, reminders for secitonals/private lessions/parties/etc.
         . INFORMATION ABOUT EVENTS SUCH AS: games, rehearsals, etc.
              - date, place, time, dressing attire, things to bring, what to expect, weather, etc.

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